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Latrice Gilliam Cusic

Marketing Personal

The customer service is impeccable. The owner is very nice and pays attention!


Emelda Douglas

Marketing Personal

"if your taste is modern and contemporary, this is the place."


Darlene Boyd

Marketing Personal

Everyone take good look at Cindy DECOR ! I’m going to be one of her best customers! I’m buying for the future! Sis u have good taste! and very classy! I will be making my trip real soon. Friends and family Surpport Cindy DECOR!,no regrets!


Adoria Bonner

Marketing Personal

Excellent service, Excellent products @ Excellent prices!! 💐Thank you for helping me add a little sparkle to my home!!💫regrets!

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Nickel /Gold Branch- Nite Watch Vase


  ANTLER ANCHORED BOWL- Regal in nature, this large gold anchored bowl offers a pleasing upgrade to the classic centerpiece. Drawing the eye up with an antler-like base, belongings are showcased...

Blown Glass Moonscape Vase


  The Moonscape vase draws inspiration from the stark textural landscape of the earth's only satellite. This lovely blown glass centerpiece would make the perfect centerpiece for your table. The simple...

carmen-hand-blown-glass-vase.jpg carmen-hand-blown-glass-vase.jpg

Colorful Hand-Blown Glass Vase

$350.00 $300.00

The Carmen Hand-Blown Glass Vase, looks simple but is not ordinary; it is simple but not vulgar. It is our most sought-after artistic model. The vase is perfect for home...

Marsha Vase


"Add an abstract design to your tabletop ensemble with the Maisha vase. Available in two size options, these organic and earth toned accents feature a smooth green finish, sprinkled with...

Emerald Green Swirl Vase


"Add an abstract design to your tabletop ensemble with the Torrent vase. Available in two different size options, these subdued white and green swirled accents, feature a translucent surface from...

Black Geometric-Lava Vase


The Geometric Design Vase is a beautiful vase. It is well made and very sturdy. The elegant vases match different colors of flowers, plants very well. Unique Vases can provide...

Yellow & Blue Palm Vase


Parlor Palm vase Its simple, elegant design and uniqueness make this vase a show-stopper in any space. The sleek sophistication of the decor is elegantly combined with natural inspiration. Parlor Palm Vase...

Gold Shimmery Pattern-Pores Vase


This abstract accent vase features a hammered metal form, coated in a shimmering gold finish. Perfect for any tabletop ensemble with ambitious elegance as the foundation for style and design....

Light Blue Glass Decorative Vase


  This Brisk Decorative Glass Vase, has smooth lines and swirls patterns that are unique to each vase and add depth and layers to any setting. It is made of glass. This...

Roca Verde Vase


The Roca Verde Vase is an interesting tabletop accent. Its two-toned green and gold surface finish coupled with its geometrical shape make this piece of glassware the perfect addition to...